What is WPS

While configuring the wireless router on your own, you must have experienced the term WPS in the setup menus. You probably also noticed a button alongside all the Ethernet ports on the router’s back that marked WPS. This must trigger a bell, what is WPS?

WPS is the acronym for WiFi Protected Setup. It is a network security standard for creating a secure wireless home network. The initial target of the WPS protocol was to allow the home users to setup WiFi protected access and to add new devices to the existing network easily without entering long passphrases.

What is WPS?

WPS remains for Wi-Fi Protected Setup. It is a remote or wireless network security standard that attempts to make connections between a router and wireless gadgets quicker and easier. WPS works just for a wireless network that uses a password. The password is encrypted with the WPA Personal or WPA2 Personal security protocols.

WPS doesn’t work on the wireless networks that are utilizing the censured WEP security, which can be cracked effectively by any hacker with a fundamental arrangement of apparatuses and skills.

In a standard setup, you can’t associate a wireless gadget to a wireless network except if you know the network name (likewise named SSID) and its password (additionally called WPA-PSK key). We should expect that you need to connect a gadget, similar to your cell phone, to your wireless network. On your gadget, you should initially pick the network that you need to connect with and afterward enter its security password. Without performing the two stages, you can’t interface with the WiFi network.

WPS was outlined by the Wi-Fi Alliance and acquainted with the market in 2006, with the objective of permitting home clients who would prefer not to tinker with long wireless network passwords and security settings to rapidly associate new wireless gadgets to their systems.

In addition to other things, this association possesses the Wi-Fi trademark. When you see a gadget with the Wi-Fi logo on it, it implies that it has been certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance.

What does WPS do?

WPS remains for Wi-Fi Protected Setup, and generally, it is a security highlight which is gone for making secure home Wi-Fi systems easy to set up. WPS was presented and created by the Wi-Fi Alliance trying to rearrange Wi-Fi security and set up a worldwide standard for doing as such that could be utilized by all producers.

One of the upsides of WPS is that it enables you to push a button or enter a personal identification number (PIN) to the interface, instead of physically entering a system name (known as SSID) and password. Numerous routers work with WPS empowered as a matter of course, and the button to activate usually found either on the gadget itself or on the utility screen.

Features of the WPS

WPS can streamline the connection process. Here’s how WPS connections can be completed:

  • To turn on the discovery of the new gadgets push the WPS button on your router. Then go to the device and choose the network that you intend to connect to. The gadget will be automatically connected to the wireless network without inputting the network password.
  • Some wireless devices like wireless printers or range extenders may have their own WPS button. You can use that for making quick connections. You can easily connect those devices to your network system by just pressing the WPS buttons respectively in the router and the devices. There is no need to input any data during the process. WPS sends the network password automatically to the devices ant their setting will remember the password. You don’t need to use the WPS buttons again as they will able to connect the same network spontaneously.
  • There is also a method that involves the use of an 8-digit PIN. All WPS enabled router have an automatically generated PIN. This PIN cannot be changed by the users. The PIN can be found on the WPS configuration page on the router. Some devices that don’t have the WPS button will ask for the PIN with its WPS support. After entering the PIN, they will authenticate themselves and will connect to the wireless network.
  • The last method is also the involvement of an 8-digit PIN. The devices that don’t have the WPS button will generate a client PIN with its WPS support. You have to enter the PIN in the router’s wireless configuration panels. The router will use the PIN to add the device to the network.

The first of the two methods are very quick, but the last two can take a lot of time.

How to enable WPS on the router?

WPS on the routerMeanwhile, wireless routers are the ones that oversee wireless connections through WPS; they are the most well-known kind of devices offering help for this system security standard. All advanced routers have a WPS button. On numerous routers, WPS is enabled by default.

To enable the WPS manually, you have to go through the firmware of the router, and its administration user interfaces, or using a WPS button.

On most of the routers, the WPS button can be found on the back of the router, nearby the Ethernet ports. Press the button once, and WPS is enabled and working. You would then be able to interface your wireless gadgets through WPS.

Some routers share the WPS button with other features. Like, the WPS button can be used for both WPS and turning the WiFi on or off.  A short press on the button will turn on or off the WiFi while a long press for three seconds will enable or disable the WPS.

On many routers, there is a WPS button but with no label. Rather they use the WPS symbol for indication. Many routers may have the WPS button on the front or any other sides. You should read the user manual to find the WPS button and its work.

The problem with WPS

The problem with WPSThe WPS standard commands the utilization of a PIN on your router. Regardless of whether you never utilize that PIN, the wireless router will generate it. According to the cybersecurity researchers, WPS PIN is highly exposed to brute force attack.

The eight-digit PIN of WPS is put away by routers in two squares of four digits each. The router checks the initial four digits independently from the last four digits. Hackers can brute-force the main square of four digits and proceed onward to the second square.

A smart hacker with the correct apparatuses can brute-force the stick in as meager as 4 to 10 hours. When this PIN is brute-forced, they can connect with your wireless network and discover your security key, despite the fact that it is complex and ensured with appropriate encryption, in this way getting complete access to your system.

All WPS strategies are defenseless against use by an unapproved client if you don’t keep the wireless router in a protected area. Many wireless routers have security data, and the WPS PIN imprinted on them. You can find this PIN in the setup menus of the wireless routers. In the event that you can’t change or incapacitate this PIN. The main cure is to get a firmware refresh to empower the PIN to be changed, or to replace the wireless router.

Buying tips

Buying tipsIf you want to buy WPS approved routers make sure that your router has the WPS button on it. If not, then you can look for the WPS approval or the WPS mark or WiFi logo on it. Read the manual of the product before spending money on it.

What is WPS office?

Writer, presentation, and spreadsheets or WPS office is an office suite for Microsoft Windows, Linux, iOS and Android. Formerly we knew it as the Kingsoft office. A Zhuhai based Chinese software developer Kingsoft developed WPS.

WPS’s personal basic version is free to use. And the fully featured professional-grade version is available for a subscription fee.

WPS office has nothing to do with the WiFi protection setup. Many people get confused with the two names, but WPS office is completely different from WPS or WiFi protection setup.

Which operating system provides support for WPS?

WPS adoption isn’t that high with regards to the operating system giving local help to it. Luckily, the famous operating systems like Windows and Android works with WPS.

Apple’s OS X and iOS operating systems do not have native support for the WPS.

WPS support on other devices

You can discover the WPS button on the bunches of networking equipment. For instance, present day wireless printers may have a WPS button for setting up quick connections. Range extenders or repeaters can be connected with your wireless network through WPS. Workstations, tablets, cell phones, and 2-in-1 gadgets of numerous types have buttons for WPS, with the assistance of the operating system.


WPS is a wireless network security standard that has some trouble. While it can make your life simpler, it is additionally defenseless against attacks, and it might be difficult to use with a few gadgets.


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