Destiny 2 is one of the most electrifying and exciting online first-person shooter games with an engaging story of a city. Bungie developed this game and Activision published it  in 2017. This game emerged as the sequel to a previous version of Destiny published in 2014. Destiny 2 comes with a more enticing story which takes place in a mythic and imaginary science fiction realm. The future of a city depends on its Guardians. Ghaul is the formidable leader of the barbaric Red Legion. He has deprived the Guardians of their power and made the survivors of humanity’s last safe city flee from their native home.

That’s where a gamer enters into the environment of the game. As a gamer, they will explore into the mysterious and unknown places of the solar system to demolish the Red Legion by fighting Ghaul. The player will reunite all the heroes of humanity and fight together against Ghaul to reclaim their home. During this progressive journey, the gamer has to help the allies to achieve the same goal of defeating the Red Legion and reuniting the shattered throne.

Why Guardian.Services?

There are many gamers who don’t have ample time to run the Raids or aren’t patient enough to undergo the tedious job of helping the guardians go flawless. Also, some gamers are too weak to handle competitive PVP challenges. As a result, one may experience continuous loss streaks and lose many games within a few hours. Guardian.Services is here with their destiny 2 boosting service to assist those gamers who have money but not the time and skill to complete the games on the winning side.

Who are Guardian.Services?

Guardian.Services is a team comprising the best players of the Destiny game who work relentlessly to help their clients overcome the gaming obstacles smoothly. It provides a hassle-free solution for all types of PvP, Raids and PvE gaming activity and destiny account recovery of the clients when needed.

The Guardian.Services team has a proven record of completing the order competently on time. The team combinedly completed more than 38,000 orders completing 16,000+ Raids and taking 12,000 Guardians flawless. Their hard work helped them earn a strong reputation in the gaming community. Currently, they’re the most reviewed Destiny boosting services available out there having 2526 product reviews and 1521 company reviews.

What Services Do They Provide?

Guardian.Services has a total of 153 products of three games – Destiny 2, Destiny 1, and Division 2. Among them 50 products are of PVE/Raids, 16 are of PVP/Trials of the Nine, and 33 are of Exotic Weapons. Each game has many categories and subcategories. One can easily choose their desired service by searching by the categories as given in the Guardian Services website and get a positive destiny trials report and uphold their destiny 2 glory ranks.

The categories are as follows:

Destiny 2

PVP/ Trials of the Nine

  • Glory Boosting
  • Iron Banner
  • Pinnacle Weapons
  • Trials of the Nine


  • Raids
  • Daily/Weekly Powerful
  • Black Armory/Forges


  • Infamy Boosting
  • Gambit Prime

Exotic Weapons

  • All Weapons
  • Exotic catalysts

Pinnacle Weapons


  • Seals
  • Emblems

Destiny 1

  • PVP/ Trials of Osiris
  • PVE/Raids
  • Exotic Weapons

Division 2

  • PVE/Raids
  • PVP/Darkzone
  • Exotic Weapons

How to Place an Order?

Visit the official website of Guardian Services, then click the VISIT OUR SHOP section to see which products they are offering. Place the order by adding your desired service to the Shopping Cart. Then continue the process by proceeding to checkout and filling the checkout form with relevant information as requested. An automated email will be sent to the email address of the client upon order confirmation.

Payment Method

Guardian Services receives PayPal payment. But the client doesn’t need to have a PayPal account as PayPal is associated with MasterCard, Visa, Discover American Express, and many more.

Discount Offer

There are discount offers for users who leave a review after using a service. Guardian.Services provides them with a 10% discount on the next order. Apart from this, they sometimes offer discounts on large orders and specific services.

How Secured the Services Are?

Guardian.Services always focuses on the security of their esteemed clients. They appoint trusted players who work only for them. They try hard to live up to the expectation and reputation they have gained over the years.

Yes, there is enough risk involved in letting a stranger log into a user’s personal account. In this business, one has to take a leap of faith. The company has strict rules incorporating the security issues and conservation of the general settings of the client’s account.

Guardian.Services guarantees a flawless Trials of the Nine and smooth Raids. One can check out the reviews from the verified buyers to know how efficient they are! One will get their order done and delivered on time without any hassle. The company has a secure checkout method to ease the buying process. Guardian Services oversees the overall Destiny 2 boosting services considering the trust issues of the buyers.


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