Single Bowl Vs Double Bowl Sinks

Generally, the kitchen is one of the rooms in your house that often gets revamped. The sink is an important part of your kitchen and you need to choose it carefully as per your desire. You have more choices available to choose the kitchen sink that varies in materials, shapes as well as its configuration. In this article we are going to describe that which sink is better for your kitchen- single bowl sink or double bowl sink.

Single Bowl Vs Double Bowl Sinks

Some people love the single bowl sinks and some are eager to have a double bowl sink. But the best decision will be choosing the sink according to your needs and your family. Nowadays, it has become a trend to use a double bowl sink because it gives the more options for cleaning and has more space.

On the other side, you might think that single bowl sink is easy to clean and needs less space installing it. Then single bowl sink would be your right choice.

Choosing a sink depends on many things like costs, availability, space and many other things. The information below could help you to choose the right sink for your kitchen.

1. The single bowl sink

One basin sinks are called single bowl sinks and require only one hole, and one drain in the counter. They are in different sizes, designs, styles, shapes and finishes.


One important advantage of this sink is the easiest installation that is cheaper and you will need only one drain connection. A big single bowl sink is better to use than using two small bowls. You could find enough space to keep your things in it and clean them freely.


One notable disadvantage of this sink is you cannot do two things at a same time in it. if you are cleaning your accessories, the other person could not use the sink for some work. It becomes very disappointing when have to use the trash disposal but the sink is full of something.

Again you need to wash and rinse dishes off together in a single bowl sink that creates difficulties to do this. But in double bowls sink, you will find separate space to wash and rinse off it that makes you comfortable.

Other important issue is- you cannot do multitask in a single bowl sink and it makes you annoying.

2. Double bowl sinks

This type of sink offers you two small basins that requires two drain line below the counter. You will also find varieties of these sinks in the market.


Double bowl sinks gives you the freedom to use two basins in one time. You could put your dirty accessories in one basin and use the second one for making the preparation of cooking.

Other advantage is, your sink looks appealing and pleasing especially when you have a porcelain sink.


The biggest disadvantage of using this sink is that it takes more space in your kitchen while installing. And if you have less work to do in the kitchen, you will think that it’s a waste having two bowls.

Another disadvantage is the high price of this sink and it costs much to install it. you need to cut the counter twice and reduces the space under the counter.

Other downside is, you cannot wash the large cookery items freely or face difficulties because the basin is not so big.

Usage of single or double sink

The usage of the sink depends on the person who will work in the kitchen. If you are alone and work in the kitchen all by yourself, you don’t need the double bowl sink. Rather you could use the big single bowl sink. On the other hand, if you cook in the kitchen with someone, double bowl sink would be easier for you. You have to remember that doing a lot of things together in the kitchen, double bowl sink is the best.

Counter space

The necessity of the countertop is as much as the sink. You will need the counter space and shouldn’t make it narrow by using double bowl sinks. Double bowl sinks make the countertop small that causes problems for you. But it totally depends on you whether you want the freedom of the sink or the countertop.


As said before, single sinks need one pipe, one hole and one drain in the counter that makes the installation process more easy and quick. It comes with a cheap rate and plumbing things. You could easily do this installation by yourself but for installing a double bowl sink you will find it difficult. Because double sinks require two drains, two holes and also much space that costs more than single sinks and need extra energy to install it.


Normally, the price of the double bowl sink is high than the single bowl sink. The price also varies in the material of the sink and designs. The cost of a double sink could be divided to purchase a big single sink and other faucet for your kitchen. Moreover, you should remember the extra installation cost after buying the sink.


Maintenance is important to keep in mind before choosing a sink. Double bowl sinks needs more energy, detergent, dishwasher, elbow grease, and more drains to rinse out than single bowl sinks. If you are sure that you can maintain two basins, you are free to buy that one.

After knowing all the facts about these two types of kitchen sinks, you can easily decide that which one is suitable for your kitchen and comfortable for you.


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