Saints Row 3 Cheats

Saints Row 3 is a popular video game. It is the third part of an open world action-adventure game. As in the past versions, the player-character drives the Third Streets Saints gang to a turf war. It was against three opponent groups utilizing a variety of weapons and vehicles in single-player and cooperative play.

As in many other video games, Saints Row: The third has many cheat codes to enhance your gaming experience. The Saints Row 3 cheats can unlock a variety of weapons, vehicles, and therefore, increase the weapon’s aptitude and characters’ strength.

About Saints Row: The Third

About Saints Row The ThirdFive years after taking Stilwater for their own, the Third Street Saints have gone forward from street gang to household brand name. So, Saints tennis shoes, Saints caffeinated beverages, and Johnny Gat bobble head dolls are available at most stores.

The Saints are lords of Stilwater. However, their superstar status has not gone unnoticed. The Syndicate is an amazing criminal organization with pawns in play. It has turned its eye on the Saints and demands tribute. Maybe, you decline to kneel to the Syndicate. Also, you can take the battle to Steelport which was once a proud city. Now, it is a battling city of sin under Syndicate control.

Because you can take a tank before skydiving, you may bring in a satellite-targeted airstrike on a Mexican wrestling gang. Then, you may guard yourself against a tactically sound military power. But, you need to utilize just a sex toy. Maybe, lighting a city-wide war that will set Steelport ablaze enchants you. Consequently, the Saints Row: The Third is all about it.

Saints Row: Volition created the Third, and THO distributed it. It is the third series in the Saints Row arrangement. It came to light on November 15, 2011. The game was available for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.

Cheats for Saints Row: The Third

Cheats for Saints Row The ThirdCheat codes for Saints Row: The Third will work in the PC, Play station 3, and Xbox 360.

Probably, you want to open menu, use the phone, and select the ‘Extra’ option. To this end, you should pick the ‘Cheats’ option. Then, enter one of the accompanying codes to activate the relating cheat work.

Notice: Your accomplishments and autosave come with restrictions as you activate the cheats. Hence, you still have permission to manually save while cheats are enabled.

Player ability

cheeseMoney – $100,000
goldengunGolden gun (one-hit kill)
runfastInfinite sprint
vroomNo vehicle damage
repaircarRepair car
whatitmeanstomeAdd respect
pissoffpigsAdd police notoriety
goodygoodyNo police notoriety
lolzAdd gang notoriety
oopsNo gang notoriety


clearskiesSunny weather
overcastCloudy weather
lightrainRainy weather
heavyrainVery rainy weather


notratedBloody mess (everyone killed explodes into blood)
fryholeHeaven bound (corpses rise into the air)
isquishyouVehicle smash
duiDrunk (Drunk pedestrians)
mascotMascots (Mascot pedestrians)
hohohoPimp and Hos (Pimp and prostitute pedestrians)
brainsZombies (Zombie pedestrians)


giveambulanceSpawn ambulance
giveanchorSpawn anchor
giveattrazioneSpawn attrazione
givebootleggerSpawn bootlegger
givechallengerSpawn challenger
givecommanderSpawn commander
givecondorSpawn condor
giveeagleSpawn eagle
giveestradaSpawn estrada
givevtolSpawn F69 Vtol
givegatmobileSpawn gatmobile
givekanedaSpawn kaneda
givekenshinSpawn kenshin
giveknoxvilleSpawn knoxville
givekrukovSpawn krukov
givemiamiSpawn miami
givemunicipalSpawn municipal
giveforcerSpawn forcer
givepeacemakerSpawn peacemaker
givephoenixSpawn phoenix
givequasarSpawn quasar
givereaperSpawn reaper
givesandstormSpawn sandstorm
givesharkSpawn shark
givespecterSpawn specter
givesquasarSpawn quasar
givestatusquoSpawn status quo
givetaxiSpawn taxi
givetitanSpawn titan
givetoadSpawn toad
givetornadoSpawn tornado
givevortexSpawn vortex
givevtolSpawn VTOL
givevultureSpawn vulture
givewidowmakerSpawn widowmaker
givewoodpeckerSpawn woodpecker


givesheperdSpawn 45 sheperd
giveapocaSpawn apoca fists
givear55Spawn AR55
giveultimaxSpawn AS3 ultimax
givebaseballSpawn baseball bat
givechainsawSpawn chainsaw
givecybersmgSpawn cyber blaster
givecyberSpawn cyber buster
giveblossomSpawn D4TH blossom
giveelectricSpawn electric grenade
giveflamethrowerSpawn flame thrower
giveflashbangSpawn flash bang
givelauncherSpawn GL G20 grenade launcher
givediggerSpawn grave digger
givegrenadeSpawn grenade
givekrukovSpawn K-8 krukov
givecobraSpawn KA-1 kobra
givesniperSpawn McManus 2015
giveminigunSpawn minigun
givemolotovSpawn motolov
giveswordSpawn nocturne
givercgunSpawn RC possesor
givedroneSpawn reaper drone
giveshieldSpawn riot shield
giverpgSpawn RPG launcher
givehammerSpawn S3X hammer
giveairstrikeSpawn SA-3 airstrike
givesatchelSpawn satchel charge
giverocketSpawn shock hammer
givesonicSpawn sonic boom
givestungunSpawn stun gun
givetekSpawn TEK-Z 10
givedildoSpawn the penetrator
giveslm8Spawn viper laser rifle


First, you should enter the ‘whatitmeanstome’ code. Then, you have to activate it roughly 10-20 times. As a result, you will reach Level 50, and gain about $5 million. To this end, you need to enter the character abilities screen. Then, you can purchase all the fall, fire, bullet, explosion, and vehicle strike damage reduction alternatives. Perhaps, you want to do it as long as it achieves ‘Never take damage.’ This will fundamentally give you total invincibility from all harm.

Note: However, you may still die to a minor glitch. On the other side, you may be in an ordinary vehicle, or keep running over by a tank, or you collide with an aircraft.

Certainly, these cheat codes will take you to a whole new world of gaming experience. It seems like Saints Row: The Third earned admiration for its customized options. The cheat codes help this to take the game to a new level.


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