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Google assistant helps us in many scenarios with it futuristic services and features. Because of Google Assistant, we can now carry our assistant in our pockets. With a bunch of new updates Google Assistant can now order food, navigate you through the streets and can control most of your smartphones feature just by using the voice command “OK Google” or “Hey Google” (Most Recent Update only).

While all of these features are highly exciting, cool or sometimes scary for many users, it does have some issues. In many cases, it is found that, Ok Google is not working for a lot of users. In this article, we discuss possible reason for ok Google not working, and the solution to make it work again for both Android phone and iOS. But first, let’s see what actually a Google Assistant is.

What is Google’s OK Google?

Google Assistant is the voice-controlled smart assistant of Google, which is pretty similar to Windows’s Cortana, Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri. “OK Google” is the voice command that launches Google Assistant. Remember that it is “OK Google” not “Okay Google”. Google first launched in 2016 with only Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL phones. Later Google brought it to Google Home and Wear OS.

Google Assistant is actually an upgraded version of Google Now and far more advanced. Google Assistant has all the features of Google Now and also offers much more. Although Google Assistant was only available for Google hardware only, it is now available for most Android devices as well as iPhones and iPads also.

How to Use Google Assistant?

How to Use Google Assistant

The use of Google assistant is simple. If your smartphone has it, just say “OK Google” to activate it. And yes, you cannot use any personalized command here, like “Hello Google” or any other custom commands. Because of this shortcoming, a lot of users are highly disappointed. However, the good news here is Google has integrated another command for Android users, and that is “Hey Google.” Although you still cannot use any personalized command to launch Google Assistant, this keyword is much more flexible than using just “OK Google”.

Ok Google Not Working?

OK Google or the Google Assistant may fail to work for several reasons. Your phone might not be connected to the network, or it is possible that you have not enabled it yet. If your phone supports Google Assistant, whatever the problem is there is always a solution. Read through the article to know the solution if ok Google detection not working for your phone.

The solution for Android Phone

Android and Google Assistant both are Google product. So, it is no wonder that OK Google will work best for Android phones. As the most version of Android OS is supports Google Assistant, there are more problems here too. So, what is the solution if OK Google fails to work on your Android phones? Let’s find out.

Step 1 Check To See If Ok Google Is Enabled or Not

Step 1 Check To See If Ok Google Is Enabled or NotIt is possible that your phone’s Google Assistant is not enabled yet or maybe the voice command feature command is disabled. After all, it is an optional feature.

To check if the Google Assistant is enabled or not, press and hold the home button for a while. If a message appears saying “Hi, how can I help?” the Google Assistant is enabled. If not, follow the below step to enable it.

However, in this step, if you are asked to turn on the Google Voice Assistant, press Turn On.

Step 2 Enable Google Assistant and Turn on OK Google

Step 2 Enable Google Assistant and Turn on OK Google

  • To Enable Google Voice Manually, Open The Menu By Taping The Menu Icon.
  • From The Menu bar Launch Google App on Your Phone
  • Now, Go To the Settings Menu
  • On The Top, You Will Find a Heading with the Name Google Assistant
  • Tap On Setting under That Heading
  • Under Devices Menu Tap On Phone
  • Now Enable the Google Assistant
  • Turn On “OK Google Detection” Or “Say OK Google Any Time” (For Google App Version 7.1 and Below)

Step 2 Enable Google Assistant and Turn on OK Google 1While enabling Google Assistant, you can also enable the option “Access with Voice Match.” This is applicable when you want Google Assistant to recognize your voice and differentiate from others.

Step 3 Check for Google App Update

Step 3 Check for Google App UpdateThe reason of Ok Google not working can be the fact that your Google app id out date. So, make sure your Google app is up to date and try OK Google again. To update the Google app, follow the below-mentioned instructions;

  • Open the Menu Bar of Your Android Phone
  • Go To the Google App Page
  • Tap On Update
  • If You Find “Installed,” The Latest Update Is Already There

If there is an update available, follow the instructions to complete the update. It is recommended to update your phone and phones app over Wi-Fi only.

Step 4 Let Google to Recognize Your Voice Properly

The reason behind ok Google detection not working might be a reason that Google was unable to recognize your voice correctly. To teach Google to acknowledge each voice properly follow the below steps;

  • Turn On Google Assistant Menu
  • Tap On the Voice Model
  • Now Delete the Existing Voice Model
  • Tap On “OK Google Detection” To Turn It On
  • Now Record Your Voice Again
  • While Recording Try To Speak In A Way You Ordinary Speak To a Person
  • Record in Place Which Is Quiet

If you want to unlock your phone with “OK Google” voice command, activate Unlock with voice match.

Final Step Check If the Problem Is Fixed

As you have tried every step mentioned above, it is now time to check whether OK Google is working or not. To do that;

  • Turn On Wi-Fi or Mobile Data
  • Go To Quieter Place
  • Say “OK Google” Loudly Like You Would Talk To a Person

These are the solutions for Android phones. Those who are having ok google not working pixel issues and other similar phones.  If the problem still exist, you might need to update your phone software to the version and follow these procedures again. You can also contact Google support for additional issues and problems.

The solution for iPhone and iPad

The solution for iPhone and iPadAs Google Assistant is available for both iPhone and iPad, iOS users may also face problem regarding OK Google. If you are using iPhone or iPad and ok Google is not working for you, follow the step below;

Step 1 Activate “OK Google” in iOS

  • Open the Menu List on Your iPhone and iPad
  • Find the Google App and Open It
  • At The Top Left of the App Tap on Your Picture, Then Voice Search
  • From There, Turn OK Google Hotword

Congratulations! OK Google, the Google voice assistant is activated for your iPhone and iPad. Give it a try. If it does not work, follow the below-mentioned steps.

Step 2 Update the Google App

There might be another reason for not working OK Google. Your Google app might be old and not up to date. Updating the Google app fixes the problem regarding ok google not working in many cases. So, to update your Google app, follow these instructions;

  • Open the Menu List
  • Open the Appstore
  • Navigate To the Google App Page
  • Tap On Update

If you see the “Open” option instead of “Update,” your phone’s Google app is already up to date. In that case, the problem might exist somewhere else.

Step 3 Reinstall Google App

If you are still unable to use OK Google on your phone, try reinstalling the app.

  • At First Uninstall the Google App
  • Make Sure You Have Removed All the Previous Data Associated With Google App While Uninstalling It
  • Now Open the Appstore
  • Navigate To Google App Page
  • Tap Install

After successful installation, you might have to activate OK Google again by navigating the setting of the installed Google app.

However, you might want to disable Siri first before starting to use OK Google. As both of them are voice assistant, one might interfere with other.

Other Steps that Might be Associated with Google Assistant

Apart from those settings and changes, there might be some other problems that may cause OK Google not working. You have to address these issues if you fail to use Google Assistant after trying the above steps. So what are they? Let’s find out;

Are You Using Samsung S Voice Or Bixby?

Are You Using Samsung S Voice Or BixbyIf you have Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung S Voice, you might face the problem ok google not working s7. The same thing can happen if you are using the latest Samsung smartphones and their voice assistant Bixby. Bixby, S Voice, and Google Assistant all are the similar type of voice assistant. For this reason, you might have to disable Samsung S Voice and Bixby to work with OK Google.

Have You Checked Your Microphone?

Have You Checked Your MicrophoneGoogle Assistant needs to use your phone’s microphone to respond to the voice command “OK Google.” So, how do you know that your microphone is working fine with Google Assistant? It’s pretty simple actually. When you open the Google App on your phone, you will see a blue microphone button in the right corner of the search bar. If your microphone is faulty one or Google is unable to access it, you will see a dotted line around it. If there is no dotted line, the microphone is working fine.


Google Assistant or OK Google is one of the best voice assistants out there. From the phone call to order food from a nearby restaurant, a lot of tasks you perform only with your voice. However, it is unfortunate that, some users face a lot of issues while using this service. The solutions to those issues are not so hard also.

After reading the article, I believe you have got sufficient knowledge to solve the problem if you face the situation, ok Google not working for. For any other queries or related information, please contact us. Have a good time with OK Google.


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