New Fortnite Skins

What new skins will come with the Season 6 battles pass are still unseen. Although the teaser at the top of the page could suggest some clues. A DJ Llama skin seems more likely and with the mystery image taking on the hue of the wandering cube, Kevin, expect a healthy dose of purple.

The first wave of changes is typically related to the shift in a theme that originates with a new season. If Crazy Castle does arrive as expected, there is a good chance you will be able to see more medieval costumes.

These Fortnite skins have been obtainable as in-game purchase items, or via Battle Pass challenges, Twitch Prime loot Starter packs or Founders Packs. The Fortnite item shop refreshes daily, so keep your eyes open in case your favorite skin like Skull Trooper or Renegade Raider becomes available in the shop once again.

Top 25 Fortnite Skins

There are hundreds of skins available in the shop for you, but it’d be tedious for you to go through all Fortnite skins, so we handpicked the top 25 skins for you to check.

If you want to get Victory Royale, you should look good while you do it. Fortnite has a very long list of outfits to offer, but the truth is, its store switches a small stock every 2 or 3 days, makes it hard to keep track of which ones look attractive and what’s worth purchasing. So, here’s a list of the 25 ostentatious and rarest skins that V-Bucks can get you, which may help you decide what to save up for.

Please remember, the price listed below for each skin is only the most updated price. This could be changed, updated or can go on sale anytime, so you better keep an eye on it.


Price: 2,000 V-Bucks ($20)

Leviathan is on every one of these lists since it’s a great skin, and one of Fortnite’s firsts. It’s wacky with an undertone of an evil supervillain. I wouldn’t be surprised if that mansion with the secret lair outside Lonely Lodge belongs to this man. pair it with the Venturion Cape, making for the ultimate evil fashion combo.

Blue Team Leader

Price: Free for PS plus

The skin Blue Team Leader is only rewarded for PSP 4 users who played fortnite and connected their accounts. So, it’s theoretically not free for everyone. You may use this skin on PC as well if you can link your accounts and the skin should sync automatically. It comes with a glider also, with the same color theme, and the combo is not much remarkable, but it’s pretty rare while of all the steps it needs to receive it.

The Reaper

Price: Battle Pass Tier 100

The Reaper was the last suit to be obtained in the Season 3 Battle Pass. You will have to get Tier 100 to be able to unlock it, which means only the most enthusiastic players can achieve it. Nevertheless, Fortnite had sundry players during Season 3, and many accomplished this skin. So, it’s a bit common to be seen this skin in the game. It will perhaps never be re-released since the season was over by now. The skin is created on the John Wick movie franchise, and many referred it to just John Wich, rather than the Reaper.

Black Knight

Price: Battle Pass Tier 70

Not closely as many who hit the maximum skin in season three, did it in season two too. The Black Knight could be attained as an award as Tier 70 and also came with a back skin named the Black Shield, which was still quite uncommon in the Battle Passes.

Omega – Full Armor

Price: Battle Pass Tier 100

It is the highest skin a player can get for the Battle Pass Season Four. You have to get till tier 100, by leveling up with Battle Stars or through purchasing. It’ll take a long time to grind this skin while tier 100 was improved in XP from earlier seasons. You’ll need a vast 1000 Battle Stars to reach this tier, but with the Battle, Pass will tremendously help you out with its weekly challenges. Though, with 5000 XP boost once a week, you will still show some true devotion. The skin itself is very rare because mostly the ones who received it was these that bought their progress with V-bucks.


Price: 2000 V-Bucks

Raven was a skin that easily stood out from the crowd of the skins available at this moment. As it got popular before it got released, united with its unique appearance, it was highly anticipated as it got available in the shop. Also recognized for making Fortnite players doing their first ever cosmetic gaming trade. It was an exclusive item since it cost as much as $20 and many claims it could be the best Fortnite skin ever released whatsoever. But, not the rarest one!

Love ranger

Price: 2000 V-Bucks

The skin was sold one of the highest because of its beautiful wings; you could often see the wings more than the actual skin itself. It resembles a statue of an angel and has a detailed concrete look to it, and was in the Royale Hearts Set, released on Valentine’s day event held in the game. You could think that this would be a previous item in the Fortnite shop. Sadly, it has been riding to the store and therefore making it a lot less uncommon. But I guess people who missed this skin at first are really happy about that.

Tower Recon Specialist

Price: 800 V-Bucks

This skin looks almost like the default skin when you first install the game, and that’s what makes it among the rare skins. No one is really buying it like its nothing special at all, and possibly quite expensive for what it is. Though it’s tough to get hold off and has only been seen a few times in the item shop.

Recon Expert

Price: 1200 V-Bucks

The profile of this skin even states, “Rare recon expert outfit,” and no doubt about it. The skin itself is very reasonable and nothing exclusive at all, on top of that it had a quite hefty price tag at 1,200 V-Bucks which made very fewer people buy it. It is extremely rare, to be frank. Have you ever seen this skin in the game? The ones who have this, usually wear it due to its rarity.

Aerial Assault Trooper

Price: 1200 V-Bucks

Aerial Assault Trooper is not available anymore and was part of the Season One Battle Pass. Can you think how many new players have come to Fortnite since then? And if you know, you are dealing with someone who has been around for a while. That means it’s a very rare skin too. There are really very few players who actually have this skin, but those who have it are the real early birds.

Skull Trooper

Price: 1200 V-Bucks

The Skull Trooper skin was revealed at the Halloween event in Fortnite and haven’t made a return ever since. Many players expect it will come back on next holiday, but Epic games seem not to enjoy releasing old skins every time. They may want to maintain the exclusivity & rarity of this skin than taking the easy way and getting rid of old skins. It has a painted skeleton costume with face makeup and very uncommonly seen in the battlefields. Nevertheless, it is a super rare skin but many who had the chance to purchase it from the shop within the limited time, they did.

Red Knight

Price: 2000 V-Bucks

Many players repented for not buying this skin at the beginning of Season 2 when it was available in the item shop. It’s one of the best and rarest skins to get, its resemblances to the Black Knight skin. Except for this one is red influenced, it also comes with a back piece known as the Red Shield that can be used with any other skin of your choice. It has been in the shop two times only. It is still super rare, and many are looking to buy this skin.

Black Knight

Price: Tier 70 of the Season 2 Battle Pass

Sometimes you just want to look like a badass, and the Black Knight, outside the Monty Python jokes, is the super perfect skin for that. It’s dark, slick, and ominous—everything you need when hopping around Tomato Temple. It’s one of the rarer skins too since it could only be earned through the season 2 battle pass.

Ghoul Trooper

Price: 1500 V-Bucks

Ghoul Trooper, the 2 of the Skull Trooper skin. Also released during the Halloween and was a character looks like a ghoul with bluish skin. There are basically two reasons why this is rare than the Skull Trooper skin:

  • It was not as good looking as other in many player’s judgments. It has some minor cosmetic changes.
  • Its price was 300 V-Bucks higher than the Skull version, which cannot make any sense. Still, that made the skin even rarer once the two disappeared from the item shop as fewer players bought the Goul.

Sky Stalker

Price: 2,000 V-Bucks ($20)

Sharks are one of the most fearsome animals that can ever come at you, and now they don’t even need to be in the water. The Chomp Sr. skin is mindless for all the right reasons, you’ll push out like a sore thumb anywhere on the map without Loot Lake, but you obviously may want to be seen with one shark on your head and another on your harpoon.


Price: 2,000 V-Bucks ($20)

Fate is a smart combination of Elektra and Black Widow, fitting impeccably into the superhero and villains’ theme that encircled season 4. It’s the perfect skin to carry when you’re planning on ruining 99 other players’ days by taking the Victory Royale. It has the Battle Shroud back bling that works as a kind of cloak but equally useful as well with the Destabilizer back bling.

Dark Voyager

Price: Season 3 Battle Pass entry, 950 V-Bucks ($10), reach Battle Pass tier 70

The loveliest of the Season 3 outfits. It’s Apollo 13 encounters Tron: a dark cosmonaut skin with electric orange lines running up the front and lots of differences in texture. You’ll love that grey padding on your character’s sides, as well as the fact that no one can see your face in the black reflective helmet when you get closer with a slide-action repeating shotguns. It’s no surprise it’s one of the most popular skins in the game at this moment.

Battle Hound

Price: 2000 V-Bucks ($20)

The terrific gold head with wild eyes is the best thing about this skin (I always thought it looks like a bird than a dog, but there you go). Yet the rest of it looks fashionable, too. You get some tats, chainmail, complicatedly decorated armor, and a cape, with some fuzz boots rounding off the set. Leering at enemies with those green eyes as you approach around a corner is bound to give them the bad vibe.

Masked Fury

Price: 1,200 V-Bucks ($12)

If you engage in a real fight in Fortnite, then this will be the best skin to use. Nothing leads up to a beatdown better than swaggering around like a real-world luchador, a person who competes in lucha libre wrestling. They are some of the trendiest wrestlers out there, with fancy, complex patterns on their suits and some gorgeous masks to complete their outstanding image.


Price: 2,000 V-Bucks ($20)

Whether it be how splendid Thor looks in Infinity War movie, the eccentric Banner Saga Trilogy, or even the recent God of War, Norse and Vikings myths are all the wrath right now. Magnus performs a bit better than the Ragnarok skin due to its profoundness and how much it sticks out. An enchanted order of events that indicates the end of the world fits into Fortnite’s world more than a regular old Viking. Magnus works well with the new season 5 glider also, as well as with Conquest, Rearguard and back bling too.


Price: 2000 V-Bucks ($20)

This nut-cracking dolly figure looks over every other player, comportment its teeth—that extra set of gnashes where its chin should be is a blow of intellect and makes it even climber. You’ll easily spot because of its unusual height, but thankfully the large hat doesn’t count in your character’s hitbox.


Price: 2000 V-Bucks ($20)

I just love this one so much, generally because of how rough-and-ready it looks. Epic could’ve gone all out with a scaled and creepy dinosaur outfit with large red eyes and razor-sharp ridges on its back, but instead get selected for something that looks like it was sewed together by the parents of a 10-year-old kid that’s frantic to amaze their friends at a dress-up party. It’s fabulous.


Price: 2000 V-Bucks ($20)

This is a cartoony form of Sun Wukong, a monkey king from Chinese folklore, and Epic did an excellent job making him feel extravagant while still featuring his animal nature. You’ll get heaps of bling all over this skin, and the oversize gold shoulder pads wouldn’t look out of place on a World of Warcraft dwarf.

Cuddle Team Leader

Price: 2000 V-Bucks ($20)

This pink bear “almost” looks so cute. But the eyes are a bit far apart, it’s got a huge scratch across its face, and it’s coming right at you with a SCAR aimed at your face. She just wants a hug, right? I’ve never really noticed the big back bow attached around her back, but that’s a hell of detail too.

Renegade Raider

Price: Battle Pass Level 20

The rarest skin in Fortnite Battle Royale, at last. The Renegade Raider skin was an award from the Season 1, and you must reach level 20 to buy it using 1200 V-Bucks. This skin is so rare mostly because it was from the early days of Fortnite Battle Royale, and the players who hit level 20 primarily could not afford the skin. To be frank, it wasn’t that exclusive even back then, so why would you spend money on it? Only a couple of hundred people bought it. Think about the ratio of people have it compared to the millions of players Fortnite has now.

New Fortnite Skins

  • Saddle Up!
  • The Bushido and Venture Gear are in the Item Shop now!
  • All great parties need a DJ.
  • Cloaked in mystery.
  • The Close Encounters LTM is back!
  • From the Depths of Winter. The new Frostwing Glider is available now!
  • The Raven Outfit and Racer Royale Gear are in the Item Shop now!
  • Swoop into action. The Raven Outfit and Racer Royale Gear are in the Item Shop now!

New Leaked Fortnite Skins

New Leaked Fortnite Skins

Fortnite Shop TODAY: Omen, Brite Gunner SKINS – Last Leaked Skins before Season 6 starts

New Skins Coming to Fortnite

New Skins Coming to Fortnite

Upcoming Skins, Back Bling, and Gliders discovered in Fortnite v5.41 files

Fortnite Patch v5.41 is live, dataminers have begun to dig through the update’s files in search of upcoming Cosmetics.


Nite Nite (Epic) – Sleep tight!

Nite Nite

Valkyrie (Legendary) – A chilling revelation


Name Could not be found

Name Could not be found

Battle Balloon(Epic) – Where we poppin’?
Balloon Llama

Balloon Llama

Valkyrie Wings(Legendary)

Valkyrie Wings (Legendary)

Gliders – Frostwing (Legendary)?

Fortnite News

Fortnite is a hit PS4, Xbox One, PC and Mac online game that is rolling in fame. Fortnite’s Save The World mode may be free to play later this year, while Battle Royale is free now already. Battle Royale is a great rival to another popular online game – PUBG, AKA Battlegrounds. Developers of Epic Games have recently added Fortnite Mobile to its offering also, which is for iOS and Android devices.


ConclusionFortnite is an online video game first emerged in 2017, developed by Epic Games. It is available as distinct software packages with different game modes that otherwise share the same basic gameplay and game engine.

Epic Games popular Battle Royale game might be free, but you’ll need to spend some money if you want to get your hands on these skins. The item shop is full of makeups – ranging from Uncommon to Legendary – and this item shop is restored with new items every night.

Sometimes the shop releases a new collection of as yet unreleased items. But more often it’s reselling older items you didn’t buy previously probably. You can buy these items using V-Bucks.


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