Looking for a High-End Technological Solution Provider Company

Are you looking for a premium brand technological services provider company? Here is one such great company. Located in Houston, Texas, Integrated Technology Solutions is a sophisticated technology provider company that has expertise in installation and customization of audio visual systems in corporate boardrooms, conference rooms, hotels, churches, home theaters, and auditoriums.

The company’s main workhorse is a group of highly skilled and technologically sound individuals who deliver the state of the art audio visual solutions to meet your requirements. Lets give you a succinct description of some major services that the company provides.

The company Integrated Technology Solutions provides more than a dozen of valuable services to the society to boost business and facilitates communication. However, in this short post, we will not cover all the services. To make the discussion short, we sort out some important services that have major impacts on our life and business.

These critical services are

Commercial Audio Visual

Companies, whether large or small, need to use an auditorium. An auditorium is a meeting place for all levels of employees where different activities like presentations, important discussions, training programs took place. And here comes the Integrated Technology Solutions, which is highly proficient at analyzing your existing audio-visual system, detect any drawbacks there, and, if needed install a completely new system or upgrade the current system to modernize the system.

Video Conference

When globalization got its momentum a few decades ago, business becomes boundary less. It means a company does not operate a business in a specific location. A giant business corporation like Unilever, for example, conducts business in 190 countries; that is almost across the globe.

Not only Unilever, nowadays, but you will also hardly found any company that operates only in one specific location. In this backdrop, communication, whether it is a meeting of a group of employees staying in different geographical locations and time zone or a one to, meet became difficult at first. But better communication is an integral part of the business. It is because communication is the only way by which employees can share their ideas, knowledge, and experiences with other employees.

To make the communication with zero impedance, here is the emergence of video conference systems. The system has changed communication in such a dramatic way that things will never be the same again. Let’s know a few benefits of the video conferencing system.

Delivers Quick ROI (Return on Investment) to the Company

All companies love to see quick ROI. ROI is an economic term that implies make a profit as soon as possible. Video conferencing system offers tremendous ROI that is managers can only dream of.


Video conferencing is a highly reliable system. It works 100% all the time irrespective of the network connectivity.


Nothing is more concerned with business than security. It is because everyone knows that hackers stole millions of dollars every year by finding the loophole in the communication system. In this respect, the video conferencing system offers robust security. No one can eavesdrop to your board meeting and hear the crucial business discussion.

Ease of use

Video conferencing system is quite easy to use. Operating the system does not require special IT training. The procedure related to the technology is intuitive and straightforward that making it accessible to every employee.


To make the business a profitable one, Business owners need to minimize the operating cost. By adopting to video conferencing system, a company can reduce its operating costs greatly in traveling expenses. How? A business manager, for example, needs to travel to another city or country to meet with the employees of that area. However, when a video conferencing system is in place, the manager can arrange the meeting at his office, meet with the employees of other locations and thus making traveling useless.

Audio visual rentals

The Integrated Technology Solutions can help you further by renting out some expensive audio visual equipment like LCD video, DLP, and data projectors in XGA, WXGA, HDTV, WUXGA including in custom formats. The company also other rental services including overhead and film projectors, slide, PA, and sound systems, projection screens, microphones (handheld, lavaliere, wired and wireless), TV’s, digital cameras, video monitors, camcorders, DVD players, tripods, VCR’s, teleconferencing equipment, laser pointers, AV carts, flip charts, and a lot more.

The availability of a renting service of the company is a great help for businesses like hotels that require arranging a business conferencing while not sending too much money for purchasing expensive equipment.

Residential Audio Visual

Wi-Fi becomes a quick necessity for business. It because the technology is portable and makes the use of wire redundant while ensures the employees are connected to complete the task in due time. The highly skilled and well-trained technicians of Integrated Technology Solutions analyze the pattern of your business and create a Wi-Fi system with high speed and coverage to make sure that all of the employees of your company are connected.


In business, communication among employees plays a vital role in sharing ideas, concepts, decisions, and, most importantly, knowing the outcome of the business- whether it is making profit or loss. Work with The Integrated Technology Solutions-one of the leaders in the tech market, and make your business one step forward.  


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