Vader’s Vault

If you are a Star Wars fan, then you must have fantasized about the characters, especially the weapons they use to fight with the enemy. Lightsabers used by the Jedi in Star Wars are a desirable item for many kids in their childhood. Well, Vader’s vault is the place where you can find those items. It seems that those toy weapons have just come from the hands off your favorite space characters.

Vader’s vault is crafters and purveyors of lightsabers and other prop imitations. They are fine handmade and heirloom quality.

Vader’s vault has practical experience in the making the most noteworthy quality Combat Ready Sabers, made to request and customized to your specifications and, when time grants, exceptional custom lightsabers. Every so often, they will have lightsabers available to be purchased that were planned in-house and available to be purchased on eBay or on their site.

Regardless of whether you are searching for your fantasy saber, a dueling workhorse, a masterpiece, or the majority of the over, Vader’s Vault is your goal for inspirational, great usable art.

What is Vader’s vault?

What is Vader's vaultIn the event that you know about the custom lightsaber arena, at that point, you most likely know Vader’s vault by their forum names: Fenderbender and Allaerra. They are active members of many internet forums and the lightsaber gathering network.

Vader’s vault is actually a couple groups, Alan and Deanna with adoration for everything Science-Fiction and Fantasy and the Star Wars universe particularly. Making saber collectibles is full-time employment for them and is one of the manners in which they support their family.

What began for them as a feature of pastime advantages bloomed into an awesome chance to bring home the unique money-making  bits of usable art.

From the underlying idea to the choice of materials to the meticulous procedure of getting every one of the points of interest perfectly, the distance down the inside electronic outline. Vader’s vault does everything. They don’t forfeit the inside parts for simply some incredible looking handles; they need it to keep going for quite a long time of demonstrating it off. Vader’s vault review also speaks for them.

Products of Vader’s vault

Products of Vader's vault.JPGVader’s vault mainly has products like sabers, blades, blasters, and armor. Vader’s vault photon blade, Darth Vader lightsaber, custom lightsabers are some of the popular items in Vader’s vault.

They also have some accessories like bladeplugs, combat class coupler, leather accessories, display stands, batteries, and many more items to offer.


Sabers are kind of swords. Vader’s vault mainly deals with the lightsabers, like the one we used to see in the Star Wars. Sabers of Vader’s vault can be categorized by three items- Combat class, limited editions, and master class.

Combat class sabers

Combat Class sabers are Vader’s vault entrance level sabers made for the dynamic saberist that will utilize their sabers for stunt work, fight choreography, or full on dueling with companions.

Limited edition sabers

Vader’s vault Limited Edition sabers are either natural reproductions or runs of their well-known custom sabers. These sabers are discharged in limited batches all over the year.

Master class sabers

Vader’s vault Master Class sabers are probably the best work of theirs. Normally this area will highlight something that they have been dealing with in the Vault, either a model for a run or only a thought that was in the heads that they simply needed to create. The majority of the pieces in this area will be ‘stand-out’ or at most, a variation of something they have done previously.


The Vader’s Vault Dual Diffused Blade has been an industry benchmark for custom saber sharp blades for quite a long while. Vader’s vault has culminated in their methods for creating the most uniformly lit, and full looking blades in the meantime as disposing of the ‘light in a tube’ impact.

Since there is certifiably not a ‘one size fits all’ for sharp blades, there are a few alternatives accessible in the most well-known blades lengths.

Vader’s vault usually makes blades to order, and it may take 7 to 14 days to complete an order.


Seeing the need in the costuming scene for the top of the line, heirloom quality, and electronics prepared blaster items, Vader’s vault has embarked an assignment to bring a portion of the types’ most notable shot weaponry to showcase.

A portion of these models will be accessible in kit form for the end client to complete as they see fit. They will likewise be offered in pre-assembled arrangements with or without electronics and with or without our incredibly famous weathering.


Vader’s Vault is eager to start bringing the top quality costume armor sets and adornments. Regardless of whether it’s through their wonderful joint efforts with specialists, or their own particular unique plan work, Vader’s vault intends to be the best contender for the costume armor sets unit needs.

Vader’s vault armors come into being with the use of an assortment of materials and strategies, for example, vacformed ABS, Cast Resin, 3D Printed, and laser cut parts.

Vader’s vault vs. Ultrasabers

Ultrasabers is another crafters and purveyors of lightsabers and other prop imitations like the Vader’s vault. They also deal with custom and ready to sale lightsabers and their accessories.

Ultrasabers can mesmerize you with too many options including the lightsabers and their accessories. And most importantly they are too quick to deliver the desired products.

Vader’s vault vs. Saberforge

Saber Forge is also crafters and purveyors of lightsabers and other prop imitations like the Vader’s vault and Ultrasabers. They too deal with custom and ready to sale lightsabers and their accessories.

Sabre Forge is famous for their ultra-bright LEDs, and their prices are slightly higher than their other counterparts.

What is SWTOR?

If we are discussing the weapons of Vader’s vault and we don’t know about SWTOR or the Star Wars that would be a shame. Most of the weapons or accessories of Vader’s vault are related to the Star Wars universe. Bio Ware is the manufacturer of the game.

SWTOR is the acronym for the Star Wars: The old republic. It is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. The game is based on the Star Wars universe.

This story happens in a fictional universe called Star Wars. It developed not long after the foundation of a dubious peace between the re-emergent Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic. The game highlights eight distinct classes. Every one of the eight classes has a three demonstration storyline that advances as the character step up.

Players join either the Republic or the Sith. However, players may have an ethical quality anytime along the light/dark spectrum. Distinctive classes support game styles of ongoing interaction. The amusement highlights include broad customization choices, completely voiced discourse, etc. Also, there are sidekick characters, and exchange choices, such as Bio Ware’s own Mass Effect arrangement.

SWTOR is world’s one of the most popular massively multi-player online games.

Lightsaber shopping can be the most addictive exercises on the internet. When you begin, it’s anything but difficult to escape. Vader’s vault can be an ultimate place for those lightsaber lovers. The lightsaber they make for you are the best that is available to Vader’s vault.


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