how to change margins in Google Docs

Would it not be an eyesore if texts of a document spread to the edge of the document? This is where margin comes into play. The space between the text and the edge of a document is called a margin. Margin provides a better experience of the reader. In both word and google doc, margin space is already set up by default.

But think about you are preparing a marketing proposal or designing a project where you need to change the default margins. It is a simple task. If you are searching how to change margins in google docs here is a simple guide.

Default Margins In Google Docs

The default margin in Google docs is 2.54 cm or 1 inch. If not explicitly mentioned, it is referred to all margins that are top, bottom, left and right.

How To Change The Margins In Google Docs?

how to change margins in google docs

  • Navigate to Google docs
  • Open the document either you want to edit or create a new document
  • The ruler is located between the white space (where you write) and the Google docs toolbar.
  • Look for a rectangular bar with a down-facing triangle beneath it.
  • Click and drag the down-facing triangle along the ruler
  • You must avoid clicking the rectangle instead of the triangle because it will change the indentation of new paragraphs instead of the margins.
  • Similarly, to change the right margin, look for a down-facing triangle on the right end of the ruler
  • Click and drag the down-facing triangle along the ruler.

How To Change Top And Bottom Margins In Google Docs?

How to change top and bottom margins in Google Docs.gifThis is a simple process. Follow the below steps

  • Navigate to google docs
  • Open the document you want to edit or create a new document
  • From the file menu, click on the page Set Up
  • A pop-up window will open immediately
  • On the right side of the pop-up window, you will see “Margins”
  • Click in the text box to the right of the margin you want to change.
  • Click on the text to the right of Top to change the top margin
  • Similarly, click on the text to the right of Bottom if you want to change bottom margin
  • Click ok

Similarly, you can change left and right margin as well.

How To Change Header Margins In Google Docs?

How to change header margins in Google Docs

  • Open the Google Docs and click on the File menu
  • Click on the page setup
  • The Page Setup window will pop up
  • Write down the size of the margins in inches In the Top section
  • Click ok (if you only apply the rule to the existing document)
  • Click “Set as default” button if you want to make the changes default from now on

How To Change Page Margins In Google Docs?

How to change page margins in Google DocsIf things are that you need to change the margins of the specific parts of the text, for example, one paragraph, you need to follow a few slightly different guidelines.

  • Click at the beginning of the paragraph you want to have different margins.
  • Drag only blue objects by holding the left mouse click. While doing this ensure that grey ruler has not been moved
  • Repeat the same process for other paragraphs or parts of the text (if you want).

The text box in Google Docs

Google docs feature drawing tool for inserting text boxes and shapes into your document. Not every document require text boxes and shapes, but they are good for setting important details apart from the rest of your document or to organize information. For instance, rectangles, lines, and arrows are used together to create a flow chart. Below are a few steps to insert a text box in Google Docs.

To insert a text box

  • First, click Insert, then select drawing from the drop-down menu. The drawing dialog box will appear
  • Second, Click on the Text box command
  • Third, Click and drag in the drawing area to create the text box below
  • Fourth Release the mouse and a text box will appear. You can now write desired text in the text box
  • Finally, when you are done, click save and close. The text box will appear in your document.


And that is all about changing margins in Docs Google. We hope our guide will help you create more customized docs to fit your needs.


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