Cursed Images

Cursed image is a type of internet hype or trend that includes pictures which are strange and annoying. Cursed images are pictures that are subtitled with the expression ‘Cursed image.’ They are usually pictures or photos that are viewed as disturbing to the viewer, either because of the poor photo quality or substance within the picture that is abnormal or illogical.

These specific images may not really be frightening or creepy, but rather they utilize different types of contents to accomplish their style of peculiarity.

What is cursed image?

What is cursed image

A cursed image is any picture that can incite the 5 W’s in a person, these 5 W’s being, who, what, when, where and why. If any of the 5 things go missing from an image or picture that makes you think about what is wrong with the image. But, you will come up with no answers.

An image with all these properties however not be cursed. It should also have a decent vibe in it. A cursed image is usually a non-photoshopped picture that has been taken with an old camera or phone.

The picture needs to make you truly think for it to be cursed and there are aspects to a picture that can make it particularly cursed ex. patterns like: flash from a phone in a dark place, random things put in unusual ways, things not how they meant to be, and misuse of things. These elements normally are credited to a cursed image.

However, usually, a cursed image doesn’t have any real-line or concrete definition. But, something strange or abnormal in an image can make it a cursed image.

The origin of cursed image

The origin of cursed imageCursed images at first began on Tumblr. CursedImages was the first Tumblr account to exclusively publish cursed images. On October 28th, 2015, their first cursed image was uploaded, and it gained over 1200 notes.

How did it spread?

Cursed Images spread outside of Tumblr when the Twitter account committed to posting such pictures propelled in July of 2016.  The twitter account @cursedimages uploaded its first post on July 29th and gained more than 100,000 followers in four months before going torpid.

The achievement of the Twitter account drew media consideration from New York Magazine, The New Yorker, Gizmodo, and cursed image has become the trend worldwide.

What makes an image cursed?

What makes an image cursedIt’s very hard to pinpoint that what is actually so creepy about a cursed image. Interestingly, in the early 2000’s some low-resolution digital detritus has helped to flourish this cursed image trend. Those images are being surfed all over the internet. Some of the images are focused so poorly, and they are so blurry that these images seem to be unreal.

Cursed images may have some of the following features:


The photograph may be ghastly or incorporate things that are violent and disgusting.


The photo utilizes dark figures, terrifying symbolism, odd points, and off-putting or uncanny imagery.


The photo takes something and places it in a situation where it is strange, twisted, or altered.


The photo is of something that is an error or coincidental.


The photo is ridiculing something or is making something look comical.

And there also are some general visual signifiers that really make an image cursed.

  • Wrong use of the flash
  • Red eye
  • Pet’s glowing eyes
  • Low-resolutions
  • Someone is looking directly into the camera
  • Someone is looking directly into the camera and not smiling
  • Everyone in a photo is looking directly into the camera, and none of them are smiling
  • Picture was taken on an empty road at night
  • Light glinting from someone’s glasses

Some platforms for cursed images

Some platforms for cursed imagesWhile spending your time looking through social media and you’ll see one: A photograph that is too abnormal to just be ‘creepy,’ too puzzling to simply be ‘mysterious,’ too sinister to simply be ‘weird.’ That is a picture that has been cursed.

At the beginning of the web, these photos lived usually the sites like, know your meme, etc. But, there is a lot of platform like Tumblr, pinterest, twitter, facebook, instagram, reddit brings cursed images for your entertainment.

R/cursed image, cursed boomer images, @cursedimages, cursed images meme are some of the notable sites or social media accounts where you can encounter with a lot of cursed images.

Cursed images leave its viewers with the dying inquisition to know the story behind those creepy or strange images. Thanks to the photographers of those pictures, who share these bizarre images with the world and transformed them into cursed images, as we are getting some source of entertainment on the internet.


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