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From a tech provision viewpoint, Netflix is fine, and Amazon is satisfactory, reasonable, so you might be mistaken for thinking DirecTV would be fine as well. But trust me; live TV products streamed over the internet have often been plagued with technical failures.

If you’ve ever used a live-TV streaming product like DirectTV, then other product having repeated technical glitches might not surprise you.

DirecTV now has been overwhelmed with errors since AT&T launched the streaming package. Though the service’s support account on Twitter has been making apologizes day after day and promising updates hence the aid hasn’t come. Customers are ready to cancel DirecTV now, but the problem is most of them facing difficulties while trying to close the deal, even some of them don’t know how to cancel DirecTV. To help out these stranded people, we are here to talk about how to cancel DirecTV in unusual ways while making no fuss about it.

Truth About DIRECTV Subscription

From most of the consumers who subscribed for the $35 a month package, reports, “DirecTV Now was full of glitches, including numerous error messages, the picture is choppy, a lot of times it’s an ambiguous picture, and there’s no DVR with it.” Many canceled, but most of them feel they are trapped within the contract.

Here are just a few of the recent headlines about DIRECTV service that carries the proof that customers are not bragging.

Fortune says, ‘DirecTV Customers Frustrated With Glitches and Lack of Refunds.’ says, ‘DirecTV Now is off to a really bad start.’

The Verge says, ‘DirecTV appears to be a complete mess.’

Business Insider says, ‘AT&T’s new $35 streaming TV service keeps getting hit with big outages.’

According to these multiple publisher’s news reports, people called customer service several times and requested refunds because of the performance issues but haven’t had much luck.

Why Is It Difficult To Cancel DIRECTV Subscription?

Closing a DIRECTV account is one of the hardest jobs according to its subscriber. Faulty customer service, missing information, and tricky contracts combine all these, canceling a DIRECTV package seems to impossible. Let’s take a view of a list that will describe some clear reasons why it is difficult to cancel a DIRECTV account.

  • Customer Services often force customers to stay with the package with a various lucrative offer while they complain and want to close DIRECTV my account
  • Sometimes canceling the packages won’t seem effective, and the customers sense that when they get a ballooned up bill
  • The cancellation fee is a rip-off. If you want to cancel early before the deadline of your contract, you have to pay total 20$+ for each remaining months, and it‘s hilarious
  • Customer service contacts often lie about what services are available, what TV services are like, how DirecTV works, and even about how to cancel services.

These are the overall reason which is irritating and bleeds money at the same time. People are becoming desperate to solve these issues but seeing no options but to cancel the deal.

How To Cancel DIRECTV Now?

In this segment, we will show you how to cancel your DirecTV subscription by calling a customer service representative and requesting that the service need to be canceled. If you have a DirecTV Now subscription you can cancel it from within your DirecTV Now settings online (not in the app). Keep in mind that canceling your DirecTV subscription before its contract is up will result in a cancellation fee as well as a $20 per month fee for every remaining month in your contract(don’t worry we will give a hack for that too).

Cancellation Process A DIRECTV Subscription (Customer Service)

Call The Customer Support

The DirecTV customer care number is 1 (800) 531-5000. Just dial the number and make a call, you’ll be able to talk to a representative about canceling your subscription. You may get valuable information about your account that is not available on the internet.

Route Through The Spoken Prompts

When the prompt starts, you’ll have to press a number on your phone’s dial pad that corresponds with an option. If possible, choose the ‘Other’ option if that’s available. It is the quickest way to get a  customer support spokesperson.

Indicate Your Motive

Speak ‘Cancel service’ when asked your purpose of calling.

You have to remember that DirecTV frequently changes phone options so that you may have an unalike incident up to the point of contact.

Ask To Talk To the Maintenance Department

If anyone receives your call, instantly ask if you’re speaking to the retention department; if they say no, ask to be transferred to retention. They might ask you to explain the nature of your call before proceeding. You may have to wait 5 to 10 minutes, depends on the time of the call. Try to call, during the low call volume time, such as between 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM on weekdays, to lessen the hold time.

Explain Why You Want To Cancel The Service

Regrettably, honest statements rarely get customer service to allow you to cancel. Instead, saying something like ‘I want to cancel my DirecTV subscription because I want to live a technology-free life’ is a decent start.

Shifting to a different country will generally warrant mixed results, as your chosen country may have DirecTV services. Though, it will be enough to render the customer representative’s arguments invalid.

Gently Refuse Any Questions Or Package They Offer

The common scenario is, your representative will offer discounts, free services, and even extra time on your free trial if applicable. Politely reject these offers by repeating ‘Thanks, but I want to cancel my service.’ Never act roughly to your customer service agent.

Wait For The Equipment Box

When the service department accepts that you want to cancel your service, they will send a pre-paid delivery box to your house. You have to send back most of the DirecTV equipment that they sent to you via this box. Within 21 days you have to return DirecTV’s property. Send back the DirecTV equipment except for your satellite dish.

Pay The Cancellation Fee

You’ll need to pay a minimum $15 cancellation fee, and that’s a bugger. Therefore, most DirecTV subscriptions are based on the contract that means you need to pay a fee for each remaining month of your contract. This fee is usually $20 per month. However, you can get this fee renounced if you’re closing DirecTV for a family member who passed away.

Call And Confirm That Your Contract Is Up

After paying your termination fee call back DirecTV customer care and ask them if they received the equipment and payment. This process will be repetitive if they reject your initial payment or send back the equipment.

If your DirecTV shipping box doesn’t arrive within five business days, let them know and request another one and make no mistake to inform them to reset the 21-day clock for your equipment or else you may be charged a fee for the stuff.

Canceling A DIRECTV Now Subscription Online

Open The DirecTV Now Page

  • Go to in a computer browser. This will take you to your account page if you’re logged in.
  • If you can’t log in, enter your email address and password again, and then click Sign In near the middle of the page.
  • You cannot cancel DirecTV Now from the mobile app.
  • Select the profile icon. A prompt will open, and a drop-down menu appears. If the drop-down menu doesn’t appear, clicking the profile icon will solve the issue.
  • Click the User Account button. You will find it in the drop-down menu, and this will open your user account page.
  • Click ‘Manage My Plan,’ and you’ll find this option on the user account page. In this page, you will get a list of account-related links.
  • Click the Cancel Plan link. It will open a reason page.
  • Select a cause for canceling; you might have to select or comment in an additional options box before proceeding.
  • Then, click ‘Cancel Now,’ and this will cancel your DirecTV Now subscription within 24 hours.

Don’t put your request later than 7:00 PM EST; if you do, your request will be processed on the next business day, and you’ll be billed for another month of service.

Few Tips On How One Can Avoid Cancellation Fees

Avoiding cancellation fees will be easier if you can Time your cancellation perfectly. Eventually, this will depend on your billing cycle, how long you take the service, and when you renew your contract. For a clear view on this matter, we will tell you how to act and proceed to eliminate this extra cancellation charge.

  • Sometimes DirecTV informs you the climb of package rate; they may also allow you to cancel your service without a fee. It often occurs in December.
  • Always cancel the service at the end of your contract period. If you cancel right before the contract termination, there either won’t be a fee, or it will be smaller. Contracts mostly are one or two years long, so aware of the renewal time.
  • When calling to cancel the service, try to remain polite and calm to the customer service agent.
  • Ask them how they are doing when they query the same of you.
  • Tell them ‘thank you’ whenever it seems appropriate.
  • Never try to insult the representative, because they are just company employee and doing whatever they are instructed to do.
  • Re-phrase the contract’s language to the representative. If the representative is rejecting your initial request to deduct the fee, read them the agreement. There is a specific language in the contract which shows that the company has discretion over whether it will assess a tax or not.

Some Other Ways

  • Read out the most important clause to the representative. It depicts ‘you may be subject to an early cancellation fee if you agreed to a programming agreement with DirecTV.’ This clause suggests that they do not have to charge you.
  • If the representative is saying that they have no authority to waive the fee, you need to intensify the call by asking their supervisor. The supervisor might have the right that the initial representative did not.
  • Tell the supervisor that you are satisfied with DirecTV’s service and sign up with them again in the future if needed.
  • If they tell you that they can’t waive the fee, ask them to reduce it instead deducting it.
  • It is the last step and tries not to go this further if possible. You can threat the authority that you will contact the Better Business Bureau or the Federal Communications Commission about DirecTV twisting of its service contract. It is your last move since it refutes any courtesy up to this point.

Things To Know Before Making The Call

There are certain things that you should maintain before making a call to the customer service of DirecTV. Otherwise, they might twist your word and use them against you. So follow these instructions, if you want a hassle-free negotiation with the customer service representative.

  • You must have to be the account owner. Your user identification needs to show up on the bill. There’s no second option. This is not always possible in every scenario due to death in the family and other complications.
  • If you aren’t the account owner but you are the authority who wants to cancel the account, carefully justify your situation and provide identification if required. Mail some proof if necessary, but eventually, you can get the account transferred.
  • Never accept the temporary account suspension offer if you don’t need it.
  • Don’t let the reps to convince you that a suspension program is what you need if you prefer to cancel the account and look for another provider.
  • Can’t expect to get an immediate result after making the call. In other words, if you want a quick DirecTV cancellation procedure, do it while a couple of working days is yet to come.
  • Service agents tend to lie often. This news is shocking! Right? But its true. So, it’s sensible that you don’t necessarily believe what you hear on the call.


The clear picture is that neither DirecTV nor AT&T has a balance between packages and customer satisfaction. But they don’t want the public to know it. Enormous corporations like this often spend a lot of time and money jutting the perfect image online to scam most people into signing up. If you are closing the deal because of poor service issues and asks for a refund, you may be day-dreaming. So, it is better, that you consider it a sunken cost and cancel DirecTV Now and seek a better online cable connection.


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