Are Hoverboards Easy To RideAre Hoverboards Easy To Ride

Is there anything on earth that doesn’t seem difficult before you learn it? Frankly, riding a hoverboard isn’t that difficult. But it might seem a little tough when you are riding it for the first time. You can learn to ride it on a few tries.

People who know how to ride skateboards, snowboard or this type of sport, can easily maneuver riding a hoverboard.

You need to use your weight and feet to control the hoverboard. When you need to take a turn, slightly tilt your body to that direction. There are different sizes for hoverboards on the market. smaller ones are for kids and larger ones are for adults.

Hoverboards aren’t toys to be played with. Take precautions before riding it. Wear a helmet and full sleeve t-shirt, full pants. Take extra precautions for your kids.

There’s some tricks and tips for you to learn to ride a hoverboard easily. I’ll share them with you down below..

Get On The Hoverboard: This is the first and last step of riding a hoverboard. Place one of your feet that you are more comfortable with, on the board. You have to keep this foot as close as possible to the wheel. This will make your ride easier.

Now put your non dominant foot on the board close to the other wheel. See how easy it is to get on the hoverboard!

Get Your Move: A hoverboard moves by dynamic equilibrium which means moving something by shifting your body weight. You have to slightly tilt your body by shifting your body weight forward, to make the hoverboard move. But be careful not to tilt your body too much as it can make you fall.

To go backward, shift your body weight to the back. It’s as easy as that! But Be careful of falls.

Turning: There are a few different methods to take a turn on a hoverboard. The mostly used method is to slightly tilt your body to the direction you want to take a turn. You have to push your opposite foot a bit forward and shift your body weight to the direction you are about to take a turn.

The other is the swing method. You have to swing your one leg in order to rotate the board. When you swing your one leg, the hoverboard will turn to the opposite. In order to turn left, swing your right leg. Be careful, you should not fall while swinging your leg.

Slow Down: Riding a hoverboard is easy but difficult at the same time. If you ride it slower then you will have a smooth ride. Difficulty begins

when the speed increases. So don’t ride it fast because you are still a learner. You might fall and injure yourself if you don’t slow down.

You can try increasing the speed once you learn to ride it.

Get Off The Board: Now that it’s time to get off the hoverboard, make your body relax. Put all your weight on your dominant foot. Now step down your other foot off the board and again step down your dominant foot too. So you got off the hoverboard.

Choosing A Hoverboard For Your Kid

Your child is insisting on getting him a hoverboard? But you are worried if he turns into a speed demon and injures himself! What if we get you some lower speed hoverboards? Here are 30 Best hoverboard for kids that are designed with lower speed that would protect your kids from injuries as well as fire outbreak. These hoverboards are very lightweight so can be easily carried by your little one. These are colourful, music rythmed, LED lights installed to make your kids the happiest.


Riding hoverboards are easy if practiced in the right method. Also you have to choose a hoverboard according to your height, weight. If the hoverboard you bought isn’t suitable for your height/weight then it can be very difficult for you to ride it.

Be it you or your kid, always take safety measurements to avoid any injury. Wear safety gear, knee pads, cover your full body with clothes.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

Q.1: Are Hoverboards still dangerous?

Ans:  Newer Hoverboards don’t have the same fire risks as the old Hoverboards used to have. You should go for newer models while purchasing a hoverboard.

Q.2: What are the different sizes of Hoverboards?

Ans: 4.5 inch wheeled hoverboard, 6.5 inch wheeled hoverboard, 8 inch wheeled hoverboard, 10 inch wheeled hoverboards.


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