4K Gaming Monitor

Developers spend hours and hours to perfect each and every pixel of a game. So, it is not fair if you do not have a good monitor to witness the stunning visuals that the game developers are offering you. The 4k monitor is the best one that the market has to offer right now. It will provide you with enough graphical fluids to make sure that you are getting the best possible visuals.

introductionGaming loses its appeal if you do not see it as the developers intended it to be. So, you should have the right configuration and right set up with you to witness the true colors of each movement. The 4k gaming monitor will enable you to do just that. It is designed with an articulated excellence which will provide the best possible visuals.

Those who are about to get a 4K gaming monitor often become confused whether to get a normal monitor or a 4K model. If you are a newbie in the world of 4k monitors, you’ve got no worries. I am here to guide you through each and every details that you need to know about 4k monitors. So, without further delay, let’s get on to the main course.

Differences Between Normal Gaming Monitor And 4k Gaming Monitor

differencesThere are some considerable differences between the normal monitor and the gaming monitors. You need to know about these dissimilarities in order to make up your mind on which one to buy;

More Colors and Resolution

The gaming monitors have more colors than the normal monitors. The color schemes are typically very precise to make sure that the gamers get the intended colors. It also has more intense resolution than the other monitors as every single pixel is well defined. So, in terms of viewing the graphics more diversely, the 4k monitor is your go-to option.

Faster Refresh and Response Rate

Gaming these days requires faster-paced response rates as the graphics swifts and changes very quickly. So, usually, gaming monitors are made with faster response rate and refresh rate than the normal monitors. It allows the user to avoid any kind of glitch in the game and makes it run smoothly on the screen.

More Gaming Enabled Structure

The gaming monitors are made while typically keeping the gamers in mind. It has a more sturdy and fast-paced mechanism that allows the gamers to enjoy the game vividly. While the normal monitor is good for browsing and avid content creators, the gaming monitor is perfect for more heavy-duty visual works.


The gaming monitor usually cost a little more than the normal monitors. As it has more color scheme and resolution priority, it usually costs more than the average monitors. But, given the extra features, I think that the price is justified.

Features Of A 4k Gaming Monitor

Getting a gaming monitor will definitely allow you to enjoy more features than the normal ones. So, here is a list of features that you are going to get when you go for the gaming monitor.

Free sync And G-Sync

The free sync and the g-sync technology avoids any kind of screen tearing when you are playing the game. This allows the users to enjoy the game without any kind of breakage in the game or abnormality which is common for the regular monitors.

More Intricate Panel Type

The gaming monitor allows you to choose from more intricate panel types. There is usually three or more panel type provided in each monitor. So, the user can select or alternate the panel as per their gaming needs.

Faster Refresh and Response Rate

The refresh rate of the gaming monitor is probably one of its strongest suits. The refresh rate allows the user to enjoy the game without any kind of stoppage or fractures. It continuously runs the screen as the game progresses. The response rate makes sure that the movement is portrayed at the right time in the right way.

Higher Screen Resolution

Higher resolution is probably the most lucrative feature of a gaming computer. The pixels are each well-defined so you get crystal clear picture quality with the blink of an eye. The resolution allows you to witness the actual design of each and every gaming objects so that you can enjoy the game properly.

Color Gamut

Colors are literally endless in a gaming monitor. You will see millions of color combination in the gaming monitors, something which has not been seen in the average monitors. It mostly boosts a 100% color stature, allowing you to see the stunning work of the game developers.

Curve Structure

Curve structure is a fairly new feature that adds more dimension to the gaming experience. Now, you can see your surroundings more vividly and widely thanks to the curve nature of the monitor. The monitors are perfect when you are playing a combat game in the 4th-dimensional term.

How To Buy A Good 4k Gaming Monitor?

how to buyBefore making your decision to purchase a gaming monitor you need to consider some certain aspects. Without considering these, you will not be able to buy the best type of monitor or your monitor will lack in performance.

Screen size

You need to consider your screen size first. You will not be able to enjoy the game if some part of it does not show up in the game. The same things go for seeing objects way too small as well. A good monitor should be at least 35-inch in size to play the game nicely.

Aspect ratio

You need to look after the aspect ratio as well. This will determine how the game is portrayed to you. An aspect ratio 21:9 if fairly good for a gaming monitor when you are playing the standard sized games. However, certain developer branch game needs varied aspect ratio. 


The resolution is all that matters when it comes to enjoying the game to its fullest. You should be able to witness the game at its truest glory if the resolution is near 3,440 x 1,440. You should go higher if you can as the game will further enhance with the enhancement of the aspect ratio.


You need to look after the brightness level and how high and how low it can perform. Some games need more brightness such as the LAN combat and so on. The monitor having 300 cd/m2 brightness level is fairly a good one. 

Refresh rate

Super speed gaming needs super speedy refresh rates. Unless it refreshes first, you will not be able to control the game smoothly and your game might look glitch. The refresh rate of 100Hz seems fairly good and it will not stop and glitch.

Response time

A good response rate is also very essential so that you can make out whether your commands are met in time or not. The response rate of 4ms is the fastest that you can imagine. But, anything less than that will also work fine.

Viewing angle

Your viewing angle determines how you are seeing the game as a whole. So, you need to high degree viewing angle in order to properly play the game. The 178/178 viewing ratio will do fine for any type of games.

Contrast ratio

You need a good contrast ratio if you want to play the game smoothly and enjoy all the colors as the gamer intended it to be. So, the gaming monitor must offer the good contrast to display the colors. If your monitor is able to behold a 2,500:1 contrast ratio then it is up to the mark.

Color Support

The color support is also another major factor because you should be able to witness all the colors provided in the game. A good monitor should be able to give you a sRGB 100% color coverage to properly display the colors intended in the game.


Your monitor should have a proper balance of weight so that it becomes easier to move. You should buy a monitor that is not too light yet not too heavy. Anything around 23 pounds is a fairly good choice.

How To Take Care Of A 4k Gaming Monitor?

how to cleanYou spend your money and emotions while buying a 4k monitor so you should take care of it properly so that it lasts longer and does not give you any trouble when you are gaming. So, here are our tips on how you can take better care of your gaming monitor;


You need two sets of materials while cleaning your 4k monitor. You need a good Feather Duster so that you can dust any upper layer of germs or dust from the monitor. Plus, you would also need a Microfiber Cloth to clean off the dust more closely and firmly. You would also require a screen cleaner to remove any fungus or any germs that might be building on your screen.


Firstly, you need to turn off the monitor for some moments so that the heat of the monitor dissolves. It is not a good idea to clean the monitor while the power is still running.

Now, you should apply to dust the monitor with the feather duster. Apply gentle strokes and take time to dust each inch of the monitor both back and the front.

Now, take a microfiber cloth in your hand and start wiping the screen. You do not have to apply the screen cleaner right away. Do it without the screen cleaner for the first time.

Next, you have to spray some screen cleaner into your monitor and then wipe it gently with the cloth. Remember, do not put too much pressure on the screen. It might get damaged. Cover all the area of the screen slowly and gently.

Finally, you need to let it rest until it dries. You should put it in a dry place if you want it to dry too fast.

The Best 4k Gaming Monitor In The Market Right Now

best monitors

Acer Predator XB271HK

When you are tight on the budget but still want a kickass 4k monitor, you can go for the Acer Predator XB271HK. It has stunning resolution and the 60HZ speed will make sure that the game takes zero time to refresh. The IPL panel is also a craze among the user, turning this monitor into an absolute powerhouse.

LG 27UD68

When you think of a Free Sync monitor, there is no better option than the LG 27UD68. It has a good TN panel and a blinding brightness and color levels. But, the most attracting feature of LG 27UD68 is its superbly designed Free Sync capabilities. You can run any game till date very smoothly in this monitor.


When you are planning to go big, you should choose the Acer-predator-HB321HK. The 32-inch version will take your breath away with its gigantic size. It has all the updated specifications and the needed features to run even the heaviest games. The improved Nvidia G-sync will also come in handy while enjoying a very color heavy game.


When you need the fastest refresh rate on the planet, you can go for the ASUS ROG Swift PG279Q. It offers an unmatched level of smoothness to enhance the gaming experience. The monitor has a brilliant aspect ratio and heavy G-Sync mechanism. The 144HZ will make sure that no screen glitches come in your way.


This 27-inch screen will give you enough coverage to play the heavy duty game yet save your pockets. The 2560x 1440 resolution will help you run even the toughest games and the curved monitor will give you an edgy feel. Supported by a free sync, the refresh rate will certainly not let you down.


conclusionYou better be well equipped with the right gadgets if you truly want to enjoy a game properly. Developers and designers spend years perfecting a game and as a true gamer, you should honor it by having the right screen to witness the stunning works. We hope that this article was able to provide you with all the necessary details on the 4k gaming monitors.

Be sure to have one with you. It does not have to be very pricey but you will certainly feel an elevated level of joy while playing in the 4k gaming monitor. It takes you to the real-life experience. That’s all from us. Be sure to leave a comment if you have any queries. Until then, have a good time.


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